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CIHEAM-Bari, ISRIC and SYKE met online last 29 June to start planning a common modelling framework for the WATDEV’s modelling toolbox. The partners started by an investigation of the local challenges faced by the local communities to establish priorities of action. Then, the different known modellistic approaches were discussed, along with the typology of models associated and related data requirements.

The toolbox will be set to enable integrated and multi-thematic modelling. It will allow the assessment of BMPs (Best Management Practices) based on impact scenarios as well as inputs scenarios. This process of development will thus allow the toolbox to be fully or partially reversible through an “optimization” of impacts for a determined preset scenarios (i.e.: Optimize land allocation for crops based on net minimum monetary return for farmers).

Scenarios will be modelled at short, mid and long terms accounting for climate changes and variabilities to understand local and large scale physical and non-physical (i.e.: economic) dynamics.

The working group will continue their work in the upcoming months and meet again in Autumn 2022.

First online meeting of the modelling working group, 29th June 2022.


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