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Sekem Sustainable Development since 1977

Study Areas

WATDEV will carry out research, implementation of agricultural water management practices and capacity building activities at different communities and stakeholder levels (from water users/farmers to decision-makers), addressing different problems and concerns (case studies) in selected study areas. The study areas have been selected considering:

a) their representativeness in terms of diversity of problems associated with sustainable management of water in agriculture, and different socio-ecological systems,

b) vulnerability to climate change and importance to local communities, river basins, countries, regions and neighbouring international community including Europe,

c) availability of data and previous studies and projects (increasing the probability for successful model development and testing),

d) presence of existing cooperation projects providing good water management practices and innovations which can be ready to be scaled-up and out and transferred in areas not yet covered by interventions. The study areas are included in Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan, and Kenya as showed in the figure below. 

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Political borders are not authoritative.

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