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Expected Results and Main Activities

A2.1 Awareness sessions for farmers and local actors


  • Deliverable 2.1.1: Four reports summarizing the outcomes of stakeholder analysis exercise, one by each focus country 

  • Deliverable 2.1.2: Interim reports on awareness events held in target countries 

  • Deliverable 2.1.3: One (1) consolidated final report on awareness events held in target countries

A2.2 Training and capacity building in areas where BMPs and Innovations are enhanced


  • Deliverable 2.2.1: Six (6) reports on performed training and capacity building sessions 

  • Deliverable 2.2.2: Final report on training and capacity building in pilot area

A2.3 Feasibility study on BMPs and Innovations


  • Deliverable 2.3.1: Three (3) inception report 

  • Deliverable 2.3.2: Three (3) feasibility study reports 

  • Deliverable 2.3.3: Three (3) field visits/consultations reports (continuous throughout the activity period)

  • Deliverable 2.3.4: Training modules ready to be used under the activity area A2.4 (30th month)

A2.4 Training and participatory evaluation of BMPs/Innovations implementation and upscaling – out-scaling assessment


  • Deliverable 2.4.1: Final training and capacity building modules (number of modules shall depend on selected innovations) 

  • Deliverable 2.4.2: One (1) report on WE4F project selected innovations 

  • Deliverable 2.4.3: One (1) final report of training and capacity building & awareness events

Result 2: Enhanced implementation of BMPs/innovations in study areas (ref SO1)
Result 3: BMPs /Innovations upscale and outscale scenarios performed (ref SO 1)

A3.1. Integrated and multi-thematic modelling


  • Deliverable 3.1.1: Modelling strategy with selected models and model combinations defined 

  • Deliverable 3.1.2: A set of upscaling scenarios for BMPs for relevant catchment areas

A3.2. Carrying out a participatory identification of best suiting and feasible scenarios for the implementation of BMPs and Innovations by planners and decision-makers


  • Deliverable 3.2.1: BMPs scenario modelled 

  • Deliverable 3.2.2: Final set of intervention scenario

R.4: A water planning/management toolbox available for Researchers and Institutions (ref SO1)

A 4.1 Customisation and integration of modelling modules and planning functions


  • Deliverable 4.1.1: Inventory of existing planning tools

  • Deliverable 4.1.2: Planning toolbox and training material

A 4.2 Technical validation of the toolbox platform


  • Deliverable 4.2.1: Technical validation of the WATDEV toolbox

A 4.3 Toolbox refinement and development of management procedures and guidelines


  • Deliverable 4.3.1: Guidelines for using the toolbox for decision-making

Result 5: Strengthened knowledge and capacity building and established regional “Water Knowledge” Hub (ref SO2) 

A 5.1 Training programme on the use of the water planning toolbox


  • Deliverable 5.1.1: Report on the implementation of the training and coaching programs

A 5.2 Establishing of a regional Water Knowledge Hub for training and capacity building services on regional / trans-national water management in East Africa with the specific aim of sharing knowledge on climate-smart water management and with the African Network of Centres of Excellence on Water Science and Technology (ACEWATER phase II)


  • Deliverable 5.2.1: Water Knowledge Hub physical and technical infrastructure 

A 5.3 Implementation of a regional Water Management and Knowledge Portal


  • Deliverable 5.3.1: Public WatDev portal

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