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The Response of Sorghum, Groundnut, Sesame, and Cowpea to Seed Priming and Ferti

Seed priming is a process of regulating the germination process by managing the temperature and seed moisture content. The seed is taken through the first biochemical processes within the initial stages of germination. The priming process regulates the seed’s temperature and moisture content, bringing the seed closer to the point of germination.  Micro-fertilization is based on the application of small doses of fertilizer in the seed planting hole at sowing, or at the base of plants two weeks after planting. The concentration of nutrients at the source helps roots grow out quickly and profusely, which in turn helps plants capture more of the native nutrients in soil, as well as counteract late-season drought, and adapt to climate variability. 



    seed priming combined with micro-dosing fertilizers


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