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Practices on Jojoba Performance in Semi-Arid Voi, Kenya

Application of irrigation water and manure combined with microcatchment which are harvesting structures based on bunds. Microcatchment water harvesting systems  are designed to trap and collect runoff from a relatively small catchment area, usually (10 – 500 m2) within the farm boundary. The runoff water is guided into an application area where it accumulates in holes, pits, basins and bunds. Manure is an organic matter derived from the solid animal wastes, used to improve the soil quality and increase the yield of healthy crops. Most of the manure within the irrigation scheme comes from decomposed livestock and crop waste. Manure is used because its cost effective and rich in minerals like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Manure is also rich in organic matter and humus and thus improves the soil fertility for plant production. These practices allow water harvesting and soil organic matter enrichment.









    combination of manure application, microcatchment and irrigation


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